Of  course, I do not pretend here to review all three Pinakotheks I visited, and pictures are not for esthetic purposes. Better reproductions are freely available. Just for memory and some comments. In one word museums are great!

In front of Old Pinakothek Founder Ludwig the First,
lover of art and also girls.
One of the main
attractions: Leonardo 
One of the ways to smuggle
nudes - Biblical plot of
Joseph and Potiphar's wife.
Hew talk to husband and
Joseph's arrest seen also!
Another attempted adultery by
Tintoretto. Vulcan tries to prove
Venus' blame. He did not learn in
Parables that "adulteress eats,
wipes her mouth and says
that did nothing". So, this way he
will prove nothing. Better
look to right-down. Mars is
under bed. Amour also lies
pretending to sleep.
Modern: "Memorial" of
Tatlin. During Nazism
avant-garde masterpieces
were sold abroad, some
destroyed. Kandinsky
fled to Paris.
For some reason, Dali put
Hebrew on this work. Do not
know, why. See to left & right

Connection to Greece

Reminds death of Socrates,
but it is Seneca, performed
suicide by emperor's decree.
He chose to open/close cuts
in veins while standing in
a blood bath and dictating
last thoughts
Prince Otto, son of above
Ludwig was invited to be
a King in Greece.
"Official White House photo"
The same, but in another
place. One can clearly
see pompons on Greek
shoes. We saw it in Greece