Our cultural impressions in USA

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Surely in every big city must
be a triumphal arch.
NY, Washington sq.
When I was here in the
distant 1987 the place was
full with porno, now it is
beautiful! Times sq. at night.
Crime also
decreased drastically.
Empire State
building at night
And day. In 1940th
same plane went astray
and arrived into it.
Almost nothing happened.
These skyscrapers
have a form of razor,
as O.Henry says.
But in reality they are
build as parallelograms,
sides parallel to streets,
Garden on roofs
are seen a lot in
It was bought by
2 knives, but
Indians also sold
not their land!
Also on Manhattan Central park, Manhattan.
Holden in "The catcher in
the rye" asked where duck
go in winter? We saw duck,
but not ice.
Metropolitan Museum.
No words to describe,
but no Leonardo there
This painting I remember
from 70-th. The collection
went to Moscow during
detente. El Greco, Toledo.
Father of chemistry
Lavoisier with devices
and supporting wife.
Wrote first text book,
proved conservation
of substance, but lost
head in French Revol.
By David.
One of many inner
courts in the Museum.
Look for art and young
Japanese girls.
big synagogue,
enormous Hindu
Boston, skyscraper
trains as a mirror.
Two churches seen
Protestants do not
like icons, they even
do not put cross.
See attentively:
this one has as
horizontal cross on spear.
The same in the
same mirror
Boston -
nice building
Boston, center in Ivy Boston, former
Mass. Senate. US
founding fathers
invented a great
political system!
Boston, trying to
become Gothic
Bolton, old city hall If I were a founder
of Boston in 1630,
I'd be there as a
young man with Bible
Mass. The place
of the first revolt
against British crown.
One can see a Moon
on the picture
Who is more important:
Capitol in Washington or
own wife?
I show a sign of
"Watergate" is behind.
Also Washington Old Washington:
This is not Picasso.
It is an old local
Indian art! Museum
in Princeton.
This was the house
of Einstein. University
of Princeton uses it as
attraction for big science shots.
Institute for Advanced Studies,
where they created a working
place for Einstein.
Great view from there. And
streets are named after Von Neumann etc
Inside the hall in the
Institute. Old black
armchairs, newspapers
of many countries for
40 members. Einstein
read  German.
Princeton - hotbed
for genius
The same Ivy league - proud of
old Universities.