Cemetery "Hesed shel Emet" in Washington,
October 2006


How it all happened? In 1979 we applied for visa to get out of USSR and got a refusal. Mother, Inna Kitrossky-Meiman married Naum Meiman of blessed memory, known mathematician. Then she was diagnosed with cancer. Naum decided to demand visa for her to get treatment in US. The fight continued until 1987, till then mother underwent several surgeries on the back of her neck. She finally got permission to leave and went to US in January 1987. We all left behind. Very soon, in February 1987, mother's life came to sudden finish. It happened in Georgetown, DC. So, she was buried on Jewish cemetery in Washington. Naum and I both wanted to go to funerals, and I unexpectedly got permission at the very last moment. Concord plane allowed me to arrive the same moment when funerals left to cemetery. My picture was in some US newspapers, see older memorial page. After two weeks in US I returned to Moscow to Marina and three kids, but soon we were let to go permanently to Israel. Naum arrived to Israel later and died there.
On pictures above the cemetery, Inna's sister and my aunt Olga in black, Marina in green.

Funerals in the same place in 1987, see memorial page