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Succa in New-Jersey,
Highland Park,
my cousin Ilya
In Jerusalem there is YMCA,
but in NY there is YM and
YWHA - Young Men and
Young Women Hebrew
Association, and there a
Succa on the roof.
The last day -
not much people.
Washington Square in NY Marina and:
Shura and Olga, my aunt.
Olya's place, car in Highland park, NJ Ilya, my dear cousin. NJ Olga set a Sunday school called "Schoolplus",
they use a building of college
There several main words in US: parking, police, traffic. The latter makes impossible to arrive to NJ in time by car. Going by train. Will we be enough for Sabbath?!
Gordons take us to Connecticut Boris Ravdel - uncle of Marina in front of his house, Voluntown, CT. Town is mixed with forest All crowd on his balcony The same people eat all kosher meal.
Yasha Varshavsky, me and horses Now Boxborough, Mass. Sheinins place We both there They same place,
I meet my classmate
Dima Z.
Have 15 years passed?
Not bloody likely.
Dima Sheinin and his
great stove
Cousin of my father -
David Kitrosser,
he took Elisheva
by his plane
Great dinner at Sheinin's.
Circling from fron to left
- Mary-Ann and David
Kitrosser, Svetlana,
Dima Z., me, Marina,
Mushroom in
found by Dima Sh.
The company on nature in New-Hapmshire, circle from left: Lena Varshavsky, Marina, me, Dima Z., Sheinins We and Dima Sh. - historical place,
where first battle took place between
first free Americans and British
First free American.
"Fire, fellow citizens,
for God's sake, fire!
 in Mass.
Name of Sally Kittross
does not say much
Me and Henri Thoreau.
You say, sir, no need for taxes?
Some like it fast. Dima Z.
and his favorite car.
Typical emigrant photo.
Svetlana and her business. Lora, Sveta' mother
and her favorite places
(marked by stars)
Friends in Live Journal
meet in Boston:
ymarkov, lkitross, brotherinlaw
Samir, Olga Sheinina, Marina in Washington  
Manhatten - center
of the world, but no taxi!
They all went to Sabbath?
Happy arrival to Liberman,
he brough taxi to save us.
Doorman brings carriage.
West End Street is not
Marx prospect
All Liberman and two Kitrossky. Their place on Manhatten.