Family members at various events 2006 (restaurant, Luna park, military)

Celebrating project finish, small speech Luna park with two girls (Leah at left, Elisheva at right) Leah at left, Elisheva at right, Shifra in the middle
Boy will be boys! That is what Reagan said when Israeli air force destroyed nuclear reactor in Baghdad. This small fragile woman gave birth to this big strong man?
Full set of our girls: Dina at left, Shifra, Elisheva, Leah  Yosef graduated initial set of military training (maslul) Yosef is 19.
Not a full, but still six are in. Wonderful vacations with 6! Hula valley. Click on this picture and see into Elisheva' eyes - you will see me! Wonderfull photo by Elisheva, Rosh haNikra, northern border.
We came to the border with Lebanon near Metula. Nobody seen on both sides of the border. The house seems empty, has Lebanon' flag. I cannot understand our light-mindness in the light of bombing of all northern Israel two days after that!  
We could be shot, captured or trialed for this image of Lebanon. How can be one such an idiot? Vacation of our soldier interrupted! 3 AM 17th Tammuz  
What is geometrical place of middles of all chords passing one point X on the given circle?
The last graduation exam of Shifra. All future waits for Shifra, only school is in the past. Uncle Vova in Jerusalem


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